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Sandwich Panels

The Legacy Walls Sandwich Panel is a structural, load bearing precast concrete wall panel made up of a sandwich of concrete and XPS or EPS foam.

A Better Building Envelope

Insulated concrete sandwich wall panel buildings are durable, fire resistant, sound proof, highly natural disaster resistant and less costly to maintain, heat and cool.

Legacy Walls Sandwich Panels are lighter weight than traditional non-composite action insulated concrete sandwich wall panels. This is because BOTH the interior and exterior wythes of concrete act together structurally. A 3/4/3 concrete/insulation/concrete wall panel behaves structurally as a 10" thick solid wall!

Thermal Design

The Nu-Tie shear connector used in the Legacy Walls Sandwich Panel system eliminates thermal penetrations through the insulation. Studies have shown that just a 2% penetration through the insulation can reduce the R-value of the building wall by up to 40%.

Less Materials Accomplish More Structurally

Due to nearly full composite action between the interior and exterior wythes of concrete, a thinner cross section of wall panel achieves a greater load bearing capacity. This means less concrete is used, sandwich wall panels are lighter, less costly and easier to transport and erect.

Call toll-free today for more detailed information about our sandwich panels: 1-866-524-3820.




Food Processing Maintenance Building

A large food processing company needed a quick and simple solution for a maintenance building. This project was installed in three days. Panel height is 20 feet. The roof is precast hollow core planks that span the entire width of the building.


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